Catalogues Introduce New Ideas

They create awareness and inspire consumers to buy through other channels. Research shows that catalogs are most successful when incorporated into a multichannel marketing campaign to drive customers to e-commerce sites to optimize purchases.

Cataloging helps you understand what you have, where it is located (on display, in-store, on loan), and what stories it tells. It helps you prioritize work and resources by understanding how important any given item is.

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What are the benefits of creating a catalogue?

Gain Exposure

One advantage that comes with creating a catalogue is in the form of exposure. This is a great marketing tool to help broaden your client reach. Both digital and print versions of a catalogue provide great information that is necessary for generating a customer lead.

Build your Brand

Adding strong visuals and a clear message throughout your catalogue will help contribute to building your brand. Capitalizing on key components that make your company stand out will help in building credibility and a strong overall brand of the company. Look at this catalogue as an extension of your brand.

Address your Audience

One of the major benefits of creating a catalogue is that you will tailor the content to appeal to your audience. This is a major benefit because you are catering this marketing approach to be more specific to address your target audience’s wants and needs.


What is the advantage of catalogue in marketing?

Catalogs have a stronger influence on consumer purchasing decisions than any online or even TV advertisement. In fact, 72% of people said that catalogs make them more interested in what a company has to offer and 84% purchased an item after seeing it in a catalog.

More than 77% of recipients of a catalog visit a retail store or website because they viewed the brand’s catalog. This finding is an exciting one for marketers, and it’s a big part of why mailing your customers and prospects catalogs is such a successful marketing strategy today

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Catalogs keep the conversation going

Since catalogs are usually collected and placed alongside magazines and coffee table books, they serve as a constant reminder of the retailer’s brand and keep a connection with customers long after they left the store.

Compared to any form of digital advertising, nothing beats the simple pleasure of browsing through a beautifully-produced catalog.

For as long as customers continue to engage and respond to print catalogs, catalogs will be there to delight and serve. And that’s power no e-commerce site can offer.


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