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Email Marketing Company in Amman, Jordan

Your email marketing agency in Amman, Jordan. Check out our e-mail marketing services that are still actively used today. Do not leave your followers unannounced. You can find solutions to your email marketing needs immediately or if you need continuous service, you can get information about our monthly emailing services.
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Email Marketing Automation

You can link the emails to be sent to certain events or trigger them at any time. It can be used on your customers’ special days, when they buy products from you or when you want feedback from them.

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Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing uses multiple tools, but as always we recommend the world email marketing leader Mailchimp.

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Email Marketing Report

The reason for using special tools, unlike sending regular e-mail, is that it can be easily tracked how many people see your e-mail, how many times they open it, or whether they click on the link.

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