Web design is one of the most critical aspects of modern businesses. As the online business is booming rapidly, the smoother your business website, the more business you can bring. Customer perception is also directly affected by your website design. More than 50% of people believe that they can judge the credibility of a business with its web design.


As a new business or even for an experienced one, you must have faced many different problems while creating the perfect web design for your business. Now JordanSME, with its extensive experience and research, brings you the solutions to these problems, which are backed by research and approved by the consumers.


Let’s find out the 10 best web design hacks which will boost your business and grow your online sales.


  1. Is Slow Site Speed Harming Your Business:


One of the most common complaints from our customers is that customer satisfaction is going down due to slow website speed. Website speed is one thing that will affect your conversion, user satisfaction, bounce rate, and revenue.


So how do we use web design that is stylish, informative, and yet fast for the consumer is of the utmost importance. Search engines also give increased rankings to websites which load faster, and thus it becomes essential for your SEO.


Database management, plugin, and theme usage must be done regularly to ensure that the website is loading fast. If the database is not regularly cleared out, your website speed will slow down. Optimizing images and videos for taking less space and loading faster on the user’s device can also solve your problem.


Furthermore, investing in web design solutions is always worth it for the growth of your business. JordanSME provides your website building and web design facilities for the smoothest and fastest websites.


 2. Attention-Grabbing Design for your Website:


The website design matters even more because most people don’t view the whole webpage. They will continue reading if they find something interesting in the first two to three scrolls. Otherwise, they will leave.


Your primary aim is to keep the customer on the web page for extended periods of time to get your marketing message across and make a conversion or purchase.


To achieve this aim, the web design should have a clear headline on the top, explaining the purpose and benefits of your website. Using powerful but brief words often does the trick and help you get the conversion.


Including your call-to-action in a prominent position helps you get the message across before the customer leaves your webpage.


The use of video and images will make your content much sharper and easier to digest for the visitors.


 3. Providing Menus and Choices in Web design:


Another problem businesses face is the slow conversion of visitors to the website. One of the main reasons for this behavior can be that your website is cluttered with lots of menus and forms which take very long to fill.


Such a website will bore the user, and they won’t be able to make the purchase decision which is the goal of the business.


How can you solve this problem? The answer is using fewer items in the menus. This will help the customer to get to the purchase decision faster.


Limit the fields for the different forms you create on the website, so the visitors don’t feel bored by the process. They must focus on a single call to action, which will be added to your website design.


On every single page of the website, have one clear goal. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make the needed conversions.


 4. Looking for the Perfect Layout:


Visual Complexity is one trait that website visitors despise; having a simple layout design that is easy to navigate is liked by most customers.


JordanSME specializes in creating simple and visually appealing designs to increase your sales.


To achieve this aim, you must leave the sidebar design and focus on presenting your content to the customers. Using a column design puts the focus on content and reduces any distractions.


So, simplicity is the trait you look for when creating your website instead of complex visual features.


 5. Is Adding Carousels and Sliders Worth It:


Some clients think that adding Carousels and sliders on their web pages will make them more attractive.


If you want to follow the research backed up by our experience, leave the Carousels and sliders to display information. According to a study by Notre Dame University, the first slide of the carousel is the most clicked on.


After that, most people skip the carousels and waste space for the website owner. Having too many tabs on your pages also kills the website’s primary purpose. It becomes slow, and mostly the tabs are ignored by the visitors to your website.


 6. Scroll based Websites for better Customer Experience:


Website design in the past used to be based on more clicking and linking to different pages. But with the latest increase in the usage of mobile phones, the website designs should also change according to customer preference.


If you are facing the problem of less conversion and slowing sales on your webpage, then you must take action right now. Web design converts to longer and scrolling pages that users can easily view on their mobile phone screen.


According to a case study conducted by CrazyEgg to establish what kind of design is more liked by the users, the scrolling design can boost sales by up to 30 percent.


So, we have understood that users will not click on your web pages, but instead, they like to scroll.


 7. Utilizing Visual Cues for Improved Visitor Retention:


Many people don’t understand the proper function of adding visuals and graphics to the website content.


Let’s explore this concept; the primary function of the web design and the different visuals in it is to guide the user.


The visual cues are used to guide the attention of the user. For Example, if there is a picture of a person on the website, you can build a cue for the visitors to look in the same direction as the person in the picture.


Using pointers is also very helpful in website design, as the customer can focus on what you want to show them.


8. Photos in Web design, How to keep them Engaging:


Using photos of real people can attract visitors’ attention to your website. One study shows that using photos of real people on your web pages can increase the conversion rate ten times.


This kind of design is very engaging for the visitors, and they feel the website is more human than a robotic thing.


We hope that with the help of these techniques, you will build unique websites and bring more conversions for your business.


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